# Project Title Organism Method Summary SSBD:database
11 Ce_NEU_TY A set of BDML files for quantitative information about neuronal nuclei in C. elegans adult C. elegans See details in Toyoshima et al. (2016) PLoS Computational Biology, 12(6): e1004970 11-Toyoshima-NeuAct
20 20-Azuma-WormMembrane A set of BDML file for digitized cellular dynamics of a C. elegans embryo C. elegans See details in Azuma and Onami (2017) BMC Bioinformatics 18, 307. 20-Azuma-WormMembrane
66 66-Iwata-CellDynOSNMT A set of calcium imaging data in the olfactory system of M. musculus adult M. musculus See details in Ryo Iwata, Hiroshi Kiyonari, Takeshi Imai (2017) Neuron, 96(5): 1139-1152. 66-Iwata-CellDynOSNMT
68 68-Sakaguchi-NeuronFluo A set of imaging data of neuronal circuits labeling with fluorescent proteins in M. musculus M. musculus See details in Sakaguchi et al., eLife 68-Sakaguchi-NeuronFluo
114 114-Shiura-MouseEmbryoDyn A set of RNA-FISH and immunofluorescence images of Xist/Tsix expression during peri-implantation embryoic development using whole-mount 3D RNA-FISH M. musculus See details in Shiura et al. (2019) Scientific Reports, 9(1): 3637. 114-Shiura-MouseEmbryoDyn
119 119-Sakashita-FishVertebrae A set of transverse sections of teleost fish vertebral bodies M. cinereus, S. melanostictus, K. punctatus, P. altivelis altivelis, L. setigerus, L. litulon, C. abei, Z. nebulosa, Z. faber, M. sagifue, C. saira, H. hilgendorfii, S. oblongus, S. zonatus, C. spinosus, A. hanedai, T. japonicus, P. major, S. japonica, H. typus, S. forsteni, S. pinguis, R. prometheoides, S. japonicus, T. orientalis, T. tonggol, P. olivaceus, H. dubius, M. uradoi, T. pardalis, T snyderi, T. stictonotus See details in Sakashita et al. (2019) doi: 10.1002/jmor.20983 119-Sakashita-FishVertebrae
122 122-Ikeda-WormSwimming A set of time-lapse imaging data of the C. elegans adults during swimming C. elegans Long-term video recording, Microfluidic device
156 ssbd-repos-000156 A set of calcium imaging data in the olfactory system of M. musculus adult Mus musculus See details in Inagaki et al. (2020) Cell Rep., 31(13): 107814.
157 ssbd-repos-000157 Raw data of an article “Multiple types of navigational information are diffusely and independently encoded in the population activities of the dentate gyrus neurons” (Murano et al., 2020) Mus musculus See details in Murano T, et. al. (2020) BioRxiv.
160 ssbd-repos-000160 Bidirectional Wnt signaling between endoderm and mesoderm confers tracheal identity in mouse and human cells Mus Musculus, Homo sapiens "Methods Mice All mouse experiments were approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of RIKEN Kobe Branch. Mi…

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