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Imaging and other-related data of neurogenic tagging mouse lines.

Raw brain-section images (.scn) used to extract images (.png) in the NeuroGT database. Correspondence table (.csv) of the SCN images and the extracted PNG images. Raw whole-mount brain images of X-gal staining used for Fig. 2 in the paper. Raw immunostained images of mGFP and nls-βGAL used for Figs. 4-7, S1, and S2 in the paper. Count data (.xlsx) of EdU-positive and negative-neurons used for Figs. 5 and 7 in the paper.

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Data size
1.6 TB
Data formats
SCN (Leica SCN400), tif, jpg, png

Mus musculus (NCBI:txid10090)
C57BL/6 Neurod1CreER(D1B); TaumGFP-nLacZ, C57/BL6 Neurod4CreER(D4A); TaumGFP-nLacZ, C57/BL6 Neurog1CreER(G1C); TaumGFP-nLacZ, C57/BL6 Neurog2CreER(G2A); TaumGFP-nLacZ
Cell Line
Molecular Function (MF)
Biological Process (BP)
nervous system development (GO:0007399)
Cellular Component (CC)
nucleus (GO:0005634), cell body (GO:0044297)
Study Type
neurons (MeSH Unique ID: D009474), brain (MeSH Unique ID: D001921), mice transgenic (MeSH Unique ID: D008822)
Imaging Methods
bright-field microscopy (FBbi:00000243), chemically fixed tissue (FBbi:00000002), whole mounted tissue (FBbi:00000024), beta-galactosidase (FBbi: 00000077)

Method Summary

See details in Hirata et al., NeuroGT: A brain atlas of neurogenic tagging CreER drivers for birthdate-based classification and manipulation of mouse neurons, Cell Reports Methods 100012, 2021

Related paper(s)

Tatsumi Hirata, Yukako Tohsato, Hiroya Itoga, Go Shioi, Hiroshi Kiyonari, Sanae Oka, Toshihiko Fujimori, Shuichi Onami (2021) NeuroGT: A brain atlas of neurogenic tagging CreER drivers for birthdate-based classification and manipulation of mouse neurons., Cell reports methods, Volume 1, Number 3, pp. 100012

Published in 2021 Jul 26 (Electronic publication in May 25, 2021, midnight )

(Abstract) Neuronal birthdate is one of the major determinants of neuronal phenotypes. However, most birthdating methods are retrospective in nature, allowing very little experimental access to the classified neuronal subsets. Here, we introduce four neurogenic tagging mouse lines, which can assign CreER-loxP recombination to neuron subsets that share the same differentiation timing in living animals and enable various experimental manipulations of the classified subsets. We constructed a brain atlas of the neurogenic tagging mouse lines (NeuroGT), which includes holistic image data of the loxP-recombined neurons and their processes across the entire brain that were tagged on each single day during the neurodevelopmental period. This image database, which is open to the public, offers investigators the opportunity to find specific neurogenic tagging driver lines and the stages of tagging appropriate for their own research purposes.

Tatsumi Hirata
National Institute of Genetics , Brain Function Laboratory
Image Data Contributors
Toshihiko Fujimori
Quantitative Data Contributors

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