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Raman imaging in WI-38/VA-13 cells treated with 100 µM all-D-GLA

Raman imaging to observe intracellular localization of GLA for analyzing the mechanism of its tumor-selective cytotoxicity

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H. sapiens
WI-38 cell (Human lung fibroblast), VA-13 cell (SV40-transformed WI-38)
Cell Line
Molecular Function (MF)
tumor-selective cytotoxicity
Biological Process (BP)
GLA localization
Cellular Component (CC)
lipid droplets, lipids
Study Type
mechanistic studies
Imaging Methods
Spontaneous Raman microscopy

Method Summary

Dodo K, Sato A, Tamura Y, Egoshi S, Fujiwara K, Oonuma K, Nakao S, Terayama N, Sodeoka M. Synthesis of deuterated γ-linolenic acid and application for biological studies: metabolic tuning and Raman imaging. Chem Commun (Camb). 2021 Mar 1;57(17):2180-2183. doi: 10.1039/d0cc07824g. PMID: 33527102.

Related paper(s)

Kosuke Dodo, Ayato Sato, Yuki Tamura, Syusuke Egoshi, Koichi Fujiwara, Kana Oonuma, Shuhei Nakao, Naoki Terayama, Mikiko Sodeoka (2021) Synthesis of deuterated gamma-linolenic acid and application for biological studies: metabolic tuning and Raman imaging., Chemical communications (Cambridge, England), Volume 57, Number 17, pp. 2180-2183

Published in 2021 Mar 1

(Abstract) gamma-Linolenic acid (GLA) is reported to show tumor-selective cytotoxicity through unidentified mechanisms. Here, to assess the involvement of oxidized metabolites of GLA, we synthesized several deuterated GLAs and evaluated their metabolism and cytotoxicity towards normal human fibroblast WI-38 cells and VA-13 tumor cells generated from WI-38 by transformation with SV40 virus. Deuteration of GLA suppressed both metabolism and cytotoxicity towards WI-38 cells and increased the selectivity for VA-13 cells. Fully deuterated GLA was visualized by Raman imaging, which indicated that GLA is accumulated in intracellular lipid droplets of VA-13 cells. Our results suggest the tumor-selective cytotoxicity is due to GLA itself, not its oxidized metabolites.
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Kosuke Dodo, Mikiko Sodeoka
RIKEN , Cluster for Pioneering Research , Synthetic organic chemistry laboratory
Image Data Contributors
Syusuke Egoshi
Quantitative Data Contributors

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