Systems Science of Biological Dynamics database (SSBD:database) is an added-value database for biological dynamics. It provides a rich set of open resources for analyzing quantitative data and microscopy images of biological objects, such as single-molecule, cell, tissue, individual, etc., and software tools for analysis. Quantitative biological data and microscopy images are collected from a variety of species, sources, and methods. These include data obtained from both experiments and computational simulations.

SSBD:database shares 197 projects, 20.9 TB, SSBD shares totally 240 projects, 31.1 TB (2023-10-04)

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SSBD:database shares selected, highly reusable bioimaging data and biodynamics data. Our curators will invite to share the data from SSBD:repository and accepted papers. Share youre data on SSBD:repository first, or send e-mail to us.


Microscopy Images

Calcium response and shape changes in oocyte of C. elegans

DIC image of nuclear division dynamics in C. elegans embryo

TEM image of retinal tissue from human embryonic stem cells

Quantitative Data

Nuclear division dynamics in D. rerio wild-type embryo

Nuclear division dynamics in C. elegans wild-type embryo

Single molecule dynamics in E. coli wild-type