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Project 12-Takayama-Oocyte
Title Calcium response (0.2 s interval) and shape change (1.6 s interval) in oocyte during fertilization in wild-type C. elegans related to Fig. 1D in Takayama and Onami (2016).
Description -
License CC BY-NC-SA
Organism(s) C. elegans ( NCBITaxon:6239 )
Kind Image data based on Experiment related Quantitative data ; Fig1D_DMRE_110120-1
Datatype oocyte shape dynamics
Molecular Function (MF)
Biological Process (BP) egg activation ( GO:0007343 )
Cellular Component (CC) cytoplasm ( GO:0005737 )
Medical Subjects Headlines
Biological Imaging Method
Summary Methods See details in Takayama and Onami. (2016) Cell Reports, 15(3), 625-637
Paper Takayama J and Onami S, (2016), The Sperm TRP-3 Channel Mediates the Onset of a Ca(2+) Wave in the Fertilized C. elegans Oocyte., Cell reports, Volume 15, Issue 3, pages 625-637, DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2016.03.040
Contact Shuichi Onami , RIKEN , Quantitative Biology Center , Laboratory for Developmental Dynamics
Contributors Jun Takayama, Shuichi Onami
Detail of Fig1D_DMRE_110120-1
Image Acquisition -
XYZ scale XY: 0.417 micrometer/pixel, Z: 0 micrometer/slice
T scale 1.6 second for each time interval
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OMERO Project
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