Share your data on SSBD:database

In the SSBD:database, curators select and share highly reusable bioimaging and biodynamics data from the SSBD repository or published papers. Share your data in the SSBD:repository first, or send an e-mail to

To improve the reusability of bioimaging data in the SSBD database, we have guidelines on data registration. It is preferred to use original microscopy images as they were taken or unprocessed as much as possible for bioimaging data. Quantitative data means coordination data such as position, contour, and shape of molecules, nuclei, cells, and tissues detected by image analysis or manual operation. You could provide the data in any format; we would like a brief annotation to understand the data, such as what each row and column means.

Please refer to the following guidelines for detailed requirements and examples.

Datasets in SSBD:repository are licensed under Createive Commons licences;
CC BY, CC BY-NC, CC BY-NC-SA, etc, upon request of the data contributors.

Unlimited size, free for use; supported by some fundings.

Figures or graphs published in journals or proceedings may violate the publisher's copyright, so sharing them in the database is difficult. Please share the original image or raw numerical data from the analysis.

SSBD database focuses on sharing bioimaging data, or quantitative data for biological dynamics phenomena with spatiotemporal information. But we are welcome to share highly reusable data even if it does not have spatiotemporal information. For example, bioimaging data and analyzed results from state-of-art microscopy systems or large-scale screening analysis. If you have such data, please let us know.

  1. We will send an invitation to share your data
  2. SSBD curator will contact you. If you have bioimaging data or quantitative data of biological dynamics phenomena worthy of registration, share your data in the SSBD repository or send an e-mail to

  3. Transfer data and metadata
  4. Transfer your data to us

    1. Use RIKEN Box
    2. RIKEN has contract with for online storage for data transfer. You can use it for free. We will send you an invitation e-mail to RIKEN Box and a URL for upload.

      There is no limitation to the total amount of data, but maximum size of one file is limited to 16GB. If you have any file larger than 16GB, choose other method.

    3. Use your own online storage
    4. Please let us know the URL to download your data.

    5. Use our original upload site (WebDAV)
    6. We also have an online storage for SSBD:repository and SSBD:database using WebDAV. In this case, you need to install tool such as Cyberduck, WinSCP, etc., for upload.

    7. Use a USB HDD/SSD
    8. We will send you a USB HDD/SSD. We will pay the shipping and return fees. Please let us know the following information by e-mail.

      • Your address and phone number
      • Information such as the OS you plan to connect to and your preferred format (e.g., exFAT, FAT32, Windows/NTFS, Mac/HFS+, Linux/ext4, etc.)

      If urgent, please store the data on your USB HDD/SSD and send it to the following address; please pay the shipping cost in this case. After data registration, we will send the USB HDD/SSD back to you.

      Laboratory for Developemental Dynamics,
      RIKEN Center for Biosystemd Dynamics Resarch,
      2-2-3 Minatojima-minamicho,
      Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 650-0047, Japan

    9. Other methods
    10. If you have any other request, let us know.

  5. Confirmation and arrangement of data
  6. We will check and arrange the data you provided for sharing applicable and precisely. If additional information is required, we will contact you again.

  7. Confirmation of metadata
  8. The curator will create the metadata necessary for sharing. We will ask you to confirm the contents of the metadata as soon as the metadata is collected.

  9. Check your dataset page
  10. Dataset will be released as soon as it ready.