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Live imaging of ERK activation on a small epithelial cell cluster during cell migration
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Canis lupus familiaris
Cell lines(s)
MDCK cell
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Molecular Function (MF)
MAP kinase activity
Biological Process (BP)
cell migration
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Biological Imaging Method
time lapse microscopy, FRET
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1.48 micrometer/pixel
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1.48 micrometer/pixel
Z scale
T scale
180 seconds per time interval

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Yoshifumi Asakura, Yohei Kondo, Kazuhiro Aoki, Honda Naoki (2021) Hierarchical modeling of mechano-chemical dynamics of epithelial sheets across cells and tissue., Scientific reports, Volume 11, Number 1, pp. 4069

Published in 2021 Feb 18 (Electronic publication in Feb. 18, 2021, midnight )

(Abstract) Collective cell migration is a fundamental process in embryonic development and tissue homeostasis. This is a macroscopic population-level phenomenon that emerges across hierarchy from microscopic cell-cell interactions; however, the underlying mechanism remains unclear. Here, we addressed this issue by focusing on epithelial collective cell migration, driven by the mechanical force regulated by chemical signals of traveling ERK activation waves, observed in wound healing. We propose a hierarchical mathematical framework for understanding how cells are orchestrated through mechanochemical cell-cell interaction. In this framework, we mathematically transformed a particle-based model at the cellular level into a continuum model at the tissue level. The continuum model described relationships between cell migration and mechanochemical variables, namely, ERK activity gradients, cell density, and velocity field, which could be compared with live-cell imaging data. Through numerical simulations, the continuum model recapitulated the ERK wave-induced collective cell migration in wound healing. We also numerically confirmed a consistency between these two models. Thus, our hierarchical approach offers a new theoretical platform to reveal a causality between macroscopic tissue-level and microscopic cellular-level phenomena. Furthermore, our model is also capable of deriving a theoretical insight on both of mechanical and chemical signals, in the causality of tissue and cellular dynamics.
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Kazuhiro Aoki , National Institute for Basic Biology

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