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Time-lapse images of 3-color labeled tobacco BY-2 cell divisions during mitosis.
Time-lapse images of 3-color labeled tobacco BY-2 cell divisions during mitosis.
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Image data
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Data size
905.3 MB

Nicotiana tabacum ( NCBITaxon:4097 )
Cell Line

Molecular Function (MF)
Biological Process (BP)
cell division ( GO:0051301 ) mitotic cell cycle ( GO:0000278 )
Cellular Component (CC)
nucleus ( GO:0005634 )
Biological Imaging Method
time lapse microscopy ( Fbbi:00000249 )
X scale
0.23 micrometer/pixel
Y scale
0.23 micrometer/pixel
Z scale
0.5 micrometer/slice
T scale
60 seconds per time interval

Image Acquisition
Experiment type
Microscope type
Acquisition mode
Contrast method
Microscope model
Detector model
Objective model
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Summary of Methods
See details in Kamada, T, et. al. (2022) Sci Rep 12, 809
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Takafumi Kamada, Kohei Otomo, Takashi Murata, Kaito Nakata, Shota Hiruma, Ryota Uehara, Mitsuyasu Hasebe, Tomomi Nemoto (2022) Low-invasive 5D visualization of mitotic progression by two-photon excitation spinning-disk confocal microscopy., Scientific reports, Volume 12, Number 1, pp. 809

Published in 2022 Jan 17 (Electronic publication in Jan. 17, 2022, midnight )

(Abstract) Non-linear microscopy, such as multi-photon excitation microscopy, offers spatial localities of excitations, thereby achieving 3D cross-sectional imaging with low phototoxicity even in thick biological specimens. We had developed a multi-point scanning two-photon excitation microscopy system using a spinning-disk confocal scanning unit. However, its severe color cross-talk has precluded multi-color simultaneous imaging. Therefore, in this study, we introduced a mechanical switching system to select either of two NIR laser light pulses and an image-splitting detection system for 3- or 4-color imaging. As a proof of concept, we performed multi-color fluorescent imaging of actively dividing human HeLa cells and tobacco BY-2 cells. We found that the proposed microscopy system enabled time-lapse multi-color 3D imaging of cell divisions while avoiding photodamage. Moreover, the application of a linear unmixing method to the 5D dataset enabled the precise separation of individual intracellular components in multi-color images. We thus demonstrated the versatility of our new microscopy system in capturing the dynamic processes of cellular components that could have multitudes of application.
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Kohei Otomo, Tomomi Nemoto , Juntendo University, National Institutes of Natural Sciences , Graduate School of Medicine, Exploratory Research Center on Life and Living Systems

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