Summary of Eco_MinE_AS
Project 6-Arjunan-MolDyn
Title BDML file for quantitative information about single molecule dynamics of E. coli wild-type
Description -
License CC BY-NC-SA
Organism(s) E. coli ( NCBITaxon:562 )
Kind Quantitative data based on Simulation
Datatype single molecule dynamics
Molecular Function (MF)
Biological Process (BP) cellular protein localization ( GO:0034613 )
Cellular Component (CC)
Medical Subjects Headlines
Biological Imaging Method
Summary Methods See details in Arjunan et al. (2010) Syst Synth Biol., 4(1): 35-53.
Paper Arjunan SN and Tomita M, (2010), A new multicompartmental reaction-diffusion modeling method links transient membrane attachment of E. coli MinE to E-ring formation., Systems and synthetic biology, Volume 4, Issue 1, pages 35-53, DOI: 10.1007/s11693-009-9047-2
Contact Satya Nanda Vel Arjunan , Keio University , Institute for Advanced Biosciences
Contributors Satya Nanda Vel Arjunan, Masaru Tomita
Detail of Eco_MinE_AS
Image Acquisition Other , Other , Other , Other
XYZ scale XY: 1.0 micrometer/pixel, Z: 1.0 micrometer/frame
T scale 0.5 microsecond for each time interval
Local ID Eco_MinE_AS
BDML ID f7962e11-1015-409a-ade7-bb38545bbe43
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