Summary of RNAi_T12D8.7_040831_01
Project 2-Kyoda-WormEmbryoRNAi
Title BDML file for quantitative information about nuclear division dynamics of T12D8.7(RNAi) embryo
Description quantitative information about nuclear division dynamics of T12D8.7(RNAi) embryo (taf-9(RNAi) embryo)
License CC BY-SA
Organism(s) C. elegans ( NCBITaxon:6239 )
Kind Quantitative data based on Experiment , related Image data - RNAi_T12D8.7_040831_01
Datatype nuclear division dynamics
Molecular Function (MF)
Biological Process (BP) embryo development ( GO:0009790 )
Cellular Component (CC) nucleus ( GO:0005634 )
Medical Subjects Headlines
Biological Imaging Method
Summary Methods See details in Kyoda et al. (2013) Nucleic Acids Res 41, D732-D737
Paper Kyoda K, Adachi E, Masuda E, Nagai Y, Suzuki Y, Oguro T, Urai M, Arai R, Furukawa M, Shimada K, Kuramochi J, Nagai E, and Onami S, (2013), WDDD: Worm Developmental Dynamics Database., Nucleic acids research, Volume 41, Issue Database issue, pages D732-7, DOI: 10.1093/nar/gks1107
Contact Shuichi Onami , RIKEN , Quantitative Biology Center , Laboratory for Developmental Dynamics
Contributors Eru Adachi, Eriko Masuda, Yoko Nagai, Yoko Suzuki, Taeko Oguro, Koji Kyoda, Shuichi Onami
Detail of RNAi_T12D8.7_040831_01
Image Acquisition DifferentInterferenceContrastMicroscope ( Leica DMRE ) , TimeLapse , DIC , Hamamatsu Photonics ORCA C4742-95 , Hamamatsu Photonics ORCA C4742-95 , Leica HCX PL Apo 100x/1.40 O
XYZ scale XY: 0.105 micrometer/pixel, Z: 0.5 micrometer/slice
T scale 40 second for each time interval
Local ID T12D8.7(gPCR)040831_01
BDML ID a1d3eeeb-b206-4a01-95b0-e43797e56014
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