NeuroGT database

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How to change section level

In the interactive viewer of thumbnail images, coronal section images stained either for mGFP or nls-╬▓GAL reporter can be sequentially seen along the antero-posterior brain axis by dragging the slider. The sync button at each thumbnail stack matches the section level of the other reporter stack.

Introduction movie for NeuroGT (5'45"~ how to use NeuroGT database)

Tatsumi Hirata, Yukako Tohsato, Hiroya Itoga, Go Shioi, HIroshi Kiyoari, Sanae Oka, Toshihiko Fujimori, and Shuichi Onami,
NeuroGT database: a brain atlas of neuronenic tagging CreER drivers for birthdata-based classification and manipulation of mouse neurons